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Doughnut成立於2010年,Doughnut以「功能與時裝完美融和」的理念及以用家角度出發的堅持,一直致力搜羅世界各地的特別素材,加上實用體貼的內格設計,以及充滿個性的外觀設計,製作出各種多元化的背包、側肩包以及其他產品。品牌亦以”Pack Your Dream” 為宗旨,希望產品能承載每位旅者的夢想,一起展開實踐夢想的旅程。

Doughnut, organized by several local young designers in 2010, aims to provide high-quality bags for customers, insists on completing all the steps by its own team, and perfectly embodies the design concept of “Integrating fashion and functionality”. With the brand vision “Pack Your Dream”, Doughnut encourages customers to keep pursuing their dreams and wish to be the companion of the dreamers in the journey.

QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system